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Del Mar Builders - Modern Construction, Joint Masonry

One of the many ways that Del Mar Builders has done well in the construction industry is by using modern approaches and advancements. A modern build is one that incorporates a number of different strategies and methods that have been developed by top scientists, chemists, and engineers. Like any industry, the construction one is under constant change, improving as better technology and new advancements come along in science and industry. Del Mar has distinguished itself from other construction companies by fully embracing these new strategies and using them to their advantage.

One technique Del Mar Builders has been using is known as Thin Joint Masonry. According to’s article “Modern Methods of Construction”, Thin Joint Masonry, “allows the depth of the mortar to be reduced from 10mm to just 3mm or less, resulting in faster laying and improved productivity, particularly on long runs of walling.

Construction speed can be further increased by some 13.5 per cent using large-format concrete blocks, which have a face size equivalent to two traditional concrete blocks. The mortar cures rapidly, achieving full bond strength within one to two hours, eliminating the problem of 'floating' therefore enabling more courses to be laid per day.”

Del Mar Builders uses the advantages of techniques like Thin Joint Masonry to allow for faster, more affordable, and stronger builds. They use these modern approaches because it improves quality and consistency. This is part of what has made the company grow so rapidly. Del Mar hopes only to continue to improve upon their methods and approaches.


Del Mar Builders - Modern Construction Methods, Precast Panels

Del Mar Builders is a company that prides itself on using modern and cutting-edge construction techniques. They use these techniques to help produce sturdier, more efficient, and faster builds. Many of the methods that they use have been developed only a few years ago. Del Mar always makes sure that they are at the forefront of the industry, using the most capable and effective methods for their customers. It is this drive and dedication to excellence that has made many come back to the company for all of their construction needs.

Del Mar Builders is always looking for a superior strategy and technique to give them an edge over the competition. One technique that helps them accomplish this is using the precast flat panel system. This system is best described by a article titled “Modern Methods of Construction,” which describes the system as “Floor and wall units [that] are produced off-site in a factory and erected on-site to form robust structures, ideal for all repetitive cellular projects. Panels can include services, windows, doors and finishes. Building envelope panels with factory fitted insulation and decorative cladding can also be used as load-bearing elements. This offers factory quality and accuracy, together with speed of erection on-site.”

One of the things that has helped Del Mar Builders grow so rapidly over the past 35 years is their commitment to modern strategies. By using the newest methods available, they provide a service and quality that the competitor cannot. That is why so many people rely on Del Mar and their service.



Del Mar Builders - Construction Safety, No Crowding

Del Mar Builders is a company that has been quite successful over the course of its 35 years in operation. The success the company has experienced is due to a number of factors, including their dedication to quality and the safety of their employees.

A common problem with many construction companies is that they experience a large number of on-the-job injuries. Del Mar helps to lower these numbers by providing a considerable amount of information to their employees. The company believes that through proper education and caution they can lower the amount of injuries that occur on a job site considerably.

Del Mar Builders and other construction companies have experienced issues with an over-crowded work area. This can be a real hazard on the work site. That is why the site published an article titled “Top Ten Construction Safety Tips” which addresses the issue. “People on the ground must stay well away from the machine operating area. Review this important point at safety meetings. Foremen need to enforce this, not the operator. When ready to start work, use the horn to warn people to stay back; stop the machine if needed; and always check your back before backing up the machine.”

Del Mar Builders makes sure to keep safety a top priority. This means that their supervisors and managers are also trained to keep an eye out for possible safety issues and always stay vigilant on the job. This has allowed the company to have one of the lowest accident rates in the construction industry.



Del Mar Builders - Green Construction, The 3 R’s

Del Mar Builders is a company that likes to stick to the three r model, reduce, reuse, and recycle. This is because part of their mission is to create more sustainable and efficient homes for the modern family. That means using advanced techniques and equipment designed to minimize waste as well as the impact on the environment. These methods are not just good for the environment, but for the home dweller too, as a green home tends to be less expensive to maintenance and operate. So if you are hoping to save a few dollars by going green, there are many tricks provided by the professionals that can help you accomplish this.

Del Mar Builders has been using many modern tricks to make their homes more efficient. A good general rule of thumb for green construction is to use the 3 r approach. This is best explained by an article from titled ‘Top 15 Green Home Building Techniques” which says you should, “Reduce your need for buying new products that are not environment friendly. Reuse your old material such as wood floors, doors, and windows in your next home. Recycled materials such as recycled glass, aluminum, recycled tile, reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic can be used in green home building.”

Del Mar Builders has been successful operating as a green construction company because of the many advantages it offers. They keep waste to a minimum, which lowers operating expenses and improves profits for everyone. That is why so many new homeowners are turning to Del Mar.